Marissa - College Senior

Ohhhh Marissa - I could photograph you every day of the week. This girl is photographer’s gold. Not only is she just flat out gorgeous but she was willing to do some crazy things in the name of great photography.  Likeee, twirl in an alleyway and climb up onto a loading dock.  Just to add to everything that was great about Marissa, she is also an incredibly smart, hard worker. That cool little hood/sash on her gown isn’t for nothin’!  She graduated with a degree in Psychology and plans to get her Master’s next. How incredible!!!  I’m so happy this session worked out perfectly for her. We had rescheduled our session due to bad weather once or twice so I was so thrilled we ended up with a nice day.  Well… a little windy, but nothing we couldn’t handle ;) If anything it made for a variety of both lovely and moody senior portraits. Anyways - enjoy the gorgeousness that is Marissa!!! 

Marissa opted for the Ultimate Senior Experience. I could go on and on about the benefits of this package but the biggest benefit is this lady right here! Brittany Yerger is an amazing hair stylist and make up artist and my go-to for senior sessions. I can't say enough about her or her services - she makes my seniors look even more amazing than they already do!