Ira + Chelsea - Engaged!

Ira & Chelsea are just the coolest couple! They enjoy simple and beautiful things like music and painting and bird watching - I didn't know people like this existed anymore! Even better, they are so in sync with each other. They were laughing so hard at me during their session because I couldn't get over just how beautifully they communicated with each other.  I was "awwwwwwwing" constantly. They were always stealing looks of each other and nuzzling - without me even asking!!  It was a session-come-true.  The autumn trees were perfect for this special couple. We were surrounded by bright yellow everywhere we turned.  Take a close look at the shots with the vinyl and books surrounding them. Ira painted one of those vinyl covers for Chelsea!!! I know, I know. I'm dying of secondhand cute, too.  To say I'm excited about Ira & Chelsea's upcoming nuptials is an understatement. After a session this perfect, I'm practically counting down the days.  Careful not to let your heart melt while looking at these - enjoy some favorites!