Jonathan + Shawnika - Married!

My last wedding of the 2017 Fall Season! Whoaaa, what an amazing one!  Jonathan + Shawnika’s wedding was at the beautiful Harmony Hall on one of the most gorgeous days of the year. Their wedding was filled with so much love from their friends + family + ended with a party that was out of this world. When I had met with Shawnika at her wedding consultation she had stressed how important family was to her + how that is what she wanted to focus on in her wedding gallery. Well, Shawnika - we definitely accomplished that! I kind of feel like after editing this wedding that the whole dang Santana family needs to enroll in modeling because HOLY GORGEOUS!

Most importantly, Jonathan + Shawnika’s wedding was filled with so much joy. They didn’t wipe the giant grins of their face the whole night + I’ve never seen friends + family SO happy for a couple. The new Mr. + Mrs. Santana got ready in Harmony Hall’s beautiful farmhouse which was extra special as Jonathan + Shawnika’s children helped them get dressed. And then there wasn’t a dry eye as Shawnika’s dad walked her to Jonathan at the top of the small waterfall on the property. Picture time was, of course, soooo easy with this good looking crew! And MAN - let me tell you about this reception… Their reception gallery is bigger than some wedding galleries combined! I’ve never seen people have so much fun in my life!

So to wrap up the final wedding I will posting this year, I just have to say what a privilege it was working with these beautiful individuals and the family they have created. They have a beautiful life together ahead of them + I am so happy I could tell a little part of their story. Enjoy some of my favorites!