Welcoming Bristol Mavis!

Exactly a month ago on April 17th we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Bristol.  She came flying into this world within an hour and has been keeping us on our toes ever since.

Bristol is already the perfect fit for our family with her sassy-but-sweet attitude. She loves her big brothers (yes, even when they’re screaming), being held, eating (constantly) + when we make crazy sounds. She can sleep up to 6 hour stretches at night.  I adore her big blue eyes + how excited she gets when I talk to her. The jury is out which parent she looks like right now … if you ask me, she looks exactly like daddy but I have baby pictures to prove otherwise ;) You can blame her for the fact it took me this long to post her newborn portraits!

Please welcome Bristol to the Jessica Snider Photography family!  

I grew up with a bit of an obsession with unicorns + horses - here's hoping Bristol loves them, too! Haha!

Fun fact: We let the boys pick Bristol's middle name.  If you have ever watched the movie Hotel Transylvania, you may have heard the name Mavis before ;)

Another fun fact: Bristol had ONE SINGLE TEENIE TINY eyelash during her Newborn Session (pictured here). Literally the day after her session these big beautiful lashes popped out!

In honor of her grandfather who is no longer with us <3 We have a shot like this with all of his grandchildren when they were babies.