Calvin + Jacqlene - Married!

It is so very important to "click" with your couples when you are a photographer. When I do wedding consultations I try get a gist of my couples' personalities, things they don't like, what they are most looking for on their wedding day.  Consultations usually last up to an hour. Calvin and Jacqlene?  3 hours. My mom, who was babysitting for me at the time, thought I had been kidnapped and murdered but I assured her that I was just having way too much fun at my consultation.

Aside from learning about Jacqlene's coffee obsession, Calvin's poor timing with the movie "Marley & Me" & these two's incredible school and work ethic, I also took from our time together their ever-growing love for God, their friends, their families, and of course, each other.  This wedding was one that can only be explained through the endless pictures of hugs, tears, and belly laughs that I am about to share with you. Calvin & Jacqlene are truly a match made in Heaven & a gift to everyone who knows them. 

I also have a special place in my heart for people who cry a lot on their wedding day -- what can I say? It makes for awesome pictures! I hope I can even give you an ounce of the happiness I felt on their beautiful day with this blog post of favorites. The amount of love put into this wedding shows in the details.  And even though I still don't know what "hard style" is, I'd say this wedding was a mega success. A big thank you to Jarred for being my second shooter and Sam for giving my name to Cal & Jac!  Enjoy xoxo.