Bristol is One! Disney Princesses Cake Smash, Jasmine, Moana, Snow White, Tangled, The Little Mermaid , Beauty and the Beast - Mechanicsburg PA Photographer

The day is finally here! My baby girl is now officially a toddler! I wanted to do something fun + creative for Bristol’s birthday and, well, like usual… it got out of hand, haha!

I chose to do 6 Disney Princess Cake Smashes for a few reasons (besides the fact that I’m just extra as a mom).

1. WE FREAKING LOVE DISNEY! I am so inspired by Disney movies, Walt Disney+ Disney Parks! Their attention to detail, their color, their stories - amazing! And I couldn’t just pick ONE Disney princess?! I chose the ones with the messages that I want to give to my daughter <3

2. To show YOU how creative we can get with your own sessions! It doesn’t have to just be for their first birthday either. Every child is unique + different at every age. Their portraits should show that! Help me get to know your child + we can mold a gorgeous session just for them.

3… I don’t know… maybe I am planning some Princess Mini Sessions this year? ;)

Soooo without further ado…

Happy Birthday, my beautiful Bristol Mavis! My hopes for you are that you never stop dreaming….

…That you love to learn + never judge a book by it’s cover….

… That you have the bravery to make your life your own, no matter what others are telling you…

… That you always know the importance of being kind to others…

… To follow your heart, knowing your family will always be here loving you….

… And that you always stand up for what is right.

Thank you for being ours.

Beautiful Cakes by La Bella Bakery!

Adalynn - Cake Smash

Mothers of baby girls beware! This post is most likely going to convince you to go buy everything unicorn! When Adalynn’s mom said she wanted a Unicorn Cake Smash, I died a little of happiness. Her session couldn’t have turned out more perfect. Isn't she her mama's gorgeous twin?!

Sweet Adalynn - I can’t believe I am writing about your One Year Pictures! I remember when your mama told me she was pregnant with you + your family prayed for you. Now, look! You are the most precious, sweet thing + it’s no surprise that your mama is your best friend. It’s been a blessing watching you grow this past year.

Enjoy SO many favorites!

Seltzer Hart Family / Grace's Donut Smash

Colt + Amanda have always been the King and Queen of Personalized Portrait Sessions! Together they handcraft their own props, bring home-grown flowers + come with such creative ideas. I should have known this session wouldn’t be less than spectacular. 219 edited images later + this session has EVERYTHING! Extended family (shout out to Alyssa + Kevin whose wedding I will be shooting SO soon!), just the 3 of them + a celebration of Grace turning 2. Amanda baked donuts for Grace to have a Donut Smash! (She even sent a bunch home with me - which my boys devoured within days. They were delicious!) Grace, being the child of the coolest parents ever, definitely committed to making this session one-of-kind … by smashing her face in her donuts and giving the most hilarious faces! It’s just something you have to see for yourself. Enjoy a very cut down version of an incredible session!   {Keep scrolling to see the Donut Smash!}

Raelynn - Cake Smash

Raelynn is the sweetest little girl to work with. Ever single she pooped all over her parents during her newborn session, I knew we’d be best friends (hahahaha, sorry, Kara! Still hilarious!). Luckily, we didn’t have any of that during her Cake Smash.  Raelynn was an angel - giving major cuddles to her parents, actually LETTING us put a flower crown on her, giving us big smiles, and delivering me one of my favorite Cake Smashes of all time.  I knew I wanted to do something very special for Raelynn’s Cake Smash and not to toot my own horn but danggggggggg did this Cake Smash set up turn out awesome!!! It was put together with my grandmother’s comforter, my mom’s quilt, and hand picked flowers from Paulus’s Market. All we needed was a gorgeous little girl to devour her cake and that is exactly what we got. A big thank you to my grandmother and master crafter for making these real flower crowns! Happy 1st birthday, Raelynn!  You are BEAUTIFUL!

Rohen - Cake Smash

Rohen’s Mama came to me with the sweetest theme for her handsome little guy - Where the Wild Things Are! How special and cute is that?! It was one of her favorite books as a child and judging by Rohen intending paging through the book, it’s one of his favorites, too.  Rohen was kind of hilarious. He was so mesmerized by the mirror in my camera moving every time I took a picture that he forgot to smile… luckily his mom has the BEST monkey impression that kept both him and I laughing the whole time. Also, I’m sure I’ve said this before butttttt… the medal for World’s Most Beautiful Family goes to these guys ;)  Enjoy Rohen’s Cake Smash! Happy almost birthday, little dude!


Addie - Cake Smash!


This very loved, special girl is turning one and I can’t even believe it.  Just like the poem goes, “I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep”.  Addie is practically the size of her parents now and has the spitfire, funny personality that she was destined to inherit.  I feel like just yesterday I was snuggling with her and getting all the feels when she sucked her thumb.  Addie’s mom had the BEST idea for a Cake Smash - a mermaid theme! I think it might just be one of my favorite girl set ups yet!  We jam packed lots of goodness into this session - parent AND grandparent shots, the cutest pictures of Addie in her little romper and dress, and squishing around in some cake!  Enjoy some favorites from this adorable session. Happy almost birthday, Adalyn!

Charlie - Ice Cream Smash!

This. Little. Boy. I can’t tell you how much I love photographing him. I have been squealing over how cute and sweet he is since the day I met him for his newborn session. At Charlie’s newborn session his mom mentioned she didn’t really want a Cake Smash - something different.  The same idea of celebrating his big 1 with something special but cake just wasn’t the ticket. So with that, our Ice Cream Smash idea was born! After the adorable fishing set up we did we headed over to my favorite ice cream parlor (maybe favorite place, period?!) Rakestraws, located a few blocks up from my studio in Mechanicsburg. If you have never been there - GO! NOW! RUN THERE!  They have the best ice cream around and the best service!

Charlie and his family chowed down on some Peanut Butter Curl and then we headed to the studio where we let this big guy have his own Birthday Cake favored ice cream cone. He was a little ice creamed out by the end but not before we captured some of my favorite portraits to date!  Look at that brain freeze face!  Enjoy some favorites of this cutie ... oh and some shots from his Mommy + Me Mini Session!

Grace - Cake Smash


Almost exactly a year ago the sweetest little girl made her way into this world.  Grace is the epitome of spunk and beauty. This gal was born with the biggest smile - but she only shows it on her terms ;)  The Seltzers are a family I have watched grow right in front of my camera - from their engagement session, wedding, maternity session and then Grace came around and made things just that much cuter. As always, I need to give props to her parents - her are full of patience and amazing ideas that I cannot even take credit for. This session had over 250 pictures. The reason for this is because her rents always works their butts off for these sessions - complete with homemade props (that I love them for than donating to me), one-of-a-kind private locations, fresh flowers straight from their garden, a big love for their little girl.  Oh, they also have the cutest model pup that stole the show in a few of these shots. 


Enjoy some of Grace’s Cake Smash session!

And just to make everyone feel extra nostalgic - Grace the day I met her :)

Harper - Cake Smash

Miss Harper ran (and I mean literally RAN) through my studio doors with this big giant grin and she didn’t stop with the cuteness the whole time she was with me.  The last time I saw her was back in October and somehow she managed to transform into little person since that time. What a big, happy personality! It makes you happy just to watch her.

Her session was full of all the things I love - insanely fun parent portraits, tulle outfits, a smiley little lady, and glitter. I was excited about her birthday theme - pink, gold and white Minnie Mouse - but I was so much more excited seeing everything I picked out being tied together and making for the cutest scene. Just add soon-to-be one-year-old and you’re golden! Harper wasn’t a big cake eater (maybe it had something to do with the icing gluing her fingers together) but she smashed the cake jussssstttttt enough to make this a favorite of mine. I can’t blame a girl for not wanting to be messy!  I can’t wait to see where Harper’s beautiful personality puts her in life! I have a feeling, somewhere quite amazing.

So without further ado, my favorites of Harper’s Cake Smash!

Henry - Cake Smash

I died and went to Heaven when Henry walked into my studio door.  Those big beautiful eyes and toothy grin was all I needed to brighten my day. It helps that he has a kick ass wardrobe to go with his handsome self ;)  I have to say I LOVE Henry’s parents. I mean, so FUN. So CARING. And it certainly shows in their family pictures (some of my all-time favorite family shots!)  I was telling the Patrick family that I tend to give too many pictures in galleries; not necessarily because every shot is posed and perfect, but because I feel the most UNperfect shots (you know, the silly ones that show personality!) need to be included to be able to tell the story of Henry. He is the perfect example of this! His gallery is made up of his silly personality, big happy grin, curious nature, and his sweet, cuddly nature, as well too.  I’d like to think when Henry is a teenager or getting married or having his own family that his parents can look back on this session fondly and remember what a sweet kiddo they have raised!

I’m also jealous of Henry’s Cake Smash theme. Airplanes. LOVE THAT IDEA. I had wanted that for my youngest son about a year ago and we just couldn’t pull it off at that time. This time around, I had ideas and the Patricks had a big airplane! We went for a more classic take on this idea by adding an antique plane toy and paper airplanes. I know I say this all the time but… this could be one of my favorite Cake Smashes?!

Enjoy the beautiful personality that is Henry!

Charli - Cake Smash

I promised myself I would stop giving so many pictures in galleries. Thennnn Charli came to the studio and their gallery has 200 some images… I mean do you blame me?! This little girl has a BIG personality and I can’t just throw away the portraits of all of her cute little looks!  Miss Charlotte (obviously) is a dream to work with. As long as we have apple cinnamon cheerios nearby, she’s golden.

Charli’s mama described her style as simple - I can dig that ;)  So we kept everything pink, soft and classic for her session. Can we talk about the tutu Jacquie made for Charli?! And her handmade chalkboard sign?! I already told her I need to hire her - Haha!  My favorite part about this session (besides Charli’s constant adorable faces!!) is how the best portraits were completely unposed and natural.  Cuddling with mommy and daddy, throwing cake in the air, her undeniable bond with her awesome big sister, and the looks I would get from those big, beautiful green eyes.

THIS is why I specialize in Cake Smash sessions. They’re everything I adore - babies, cake, fun, and sweet moments all rolled up into one! Enjoy some of my favorites from Charli’s Cake Smash session.

Lilla - Cake Smash

It is amazing what a year can do to you. I know all too well what it’s like to turn around and realize that your world is completely changed. That in 12 months the things that you loved and hated (late night feedings, tiny baby tootsies, babbles, blow out diapers, their total dependance on you to survive) is all but a memory.  One year.  It can take your sweet tiny baby and turn her into a beautiful little girl with her own big personality in a seemingly blink of an eye. Lilla (or Lilpanda as I’ve lovingly nicknamed her) now runs in circles with my boys, tells me she wants more chicken nuggets, gives big toothy grins, and is a little heartbreaker. Pretty sure a second ago I was holding her at the hospital?

Forgive me for the emotional post but as my best friend’s daughter, Lilla is something special.  Maybe that’s why I went so far as to MAKE her a gold tutu and HAND CUT out gold snow flakes.  That’s true love right there. She’s pretty trained at this point so her session went off without a hitch. We stuck her in the apple crate that I posed her in as a little babe and then we captured special portraits with her mama. This cake smash was pretty incredible. She dug in like she hadn’t eaten in weeks. I almost didn’t get a picture of the cake before it was destroyed!

So here are some of my favorites of a special little girl’s one year old session. Whether she becomes an astronaut someday or a teacher or rockstar or a pro wrestler like her daddy or a public speaker like her mommy, I’ll always be able to show her that time that she devoured a whole cake by herself in 15 minutes.  Perfect for her future boyfriends ;) And remember that, new parents! When you’re tired, when you haven’t showered in days, if things are ever hard, just give it one year. Things will be better. Happy first birthday, my Lilpanda! I can’t wait to see what crazy ideas we can come up with for your next birthday!