Charlie + Zoey

I hope you guys can handle the cuteness that is this little family! I kind of adore the tot stage and the reason for that is because they are so carefree and adventurous; they find everything interesting and are always exploring. Take that x2 and you have the makings of an adorable (and fast paced) session. Charlie and Zoey are BEAUTIFUL just like their parents. I mean it. Even editing these pictures I could not stop "awwwing".  They wanted their picture taken for a whole 2.2 seconds and then they were off on a grand adventure and me, mom and dad just followed along for the ride.  I have to give props to mom and dad - they were the foundation of this session. They could wrangle a wild Charlie who wanted to climb fences or a hungry Zoey who just wanted her gummies with the biggest smiles on their faces. And these kids adore their parents. Once they were tired of traipsing around the Fort Hunter property they were ready to snuggle with mom and dad.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! Here are some favs.