Eli - One Year Old

It started out as a frigid, windy day. Mother Nature must have known Eli was something special because by the evening the sun had came out, the winds had died down, and Eli was ready for his close-up.  Eli was full of smiles and adventure for a good part of his session. If he seemed a little  bored, it was nothing a pumpkin, cars or leaves couldn't cure.  You could see the wheels turning behind those big blue eyes the whole time and I was so impressed with his knack to problem solve. Mom and Dad came prepared with their own props that Eli just loved.  We even got a few snaps with his loving grandparents who were awesome smile-makers! There is a whole slew of beautiful family portraits in this one but I've got to say, my favorites are the unposed, playful ones. Happy first birthday, Eli! Remember me when you become President someday! Enjoy some favorites!!!