Kurt + Kristin - Married!

I'm not sure if any other photographers feel this way but I feel like photographing someone that you know's wedding is completely different than photographing a new customers' wedding (meaning you cry the whole time) .  Kristin and I were in many of the same classes growing up and even went to Girl Scouts together (yes - I really admitted that). You can walk up to any person who attended our school and ask them about Kristin  and they would all say the same thing - "Oh my gosh - she is the sweetest girl!" When I met Kurt at their consultation I could see that they had that in common. These are the nicest souls you will ever meet and that radiates on the outside.  Just look at them - they're gorgeous and even more so together! It was truly an honor to work with you guys & your families. I'll pretend I wasn't secretly crying behind my camera 50% of the wedding.  Here are some favorites.  A big thanks to my best friend, Tatiana, who is also an awesome photographer for the shots of the guys <3