Brayden - 5 Years Old

Every year I get two glorious hours of running, jumping, rolling, and playing with this little dude. Brayden has the biggest personality and heart. He will do anything to keep a smile on your face and I was honestly laughing out loud while editing his session.  I can say I'm a somewhat nostalgic.  Little dinosaur-chasing Brayden is gone and has been replaced with an intelligent, tall and suave Brayden. During his session while I was trying to get some genuine smiles out of him, he did the finger point and winked at me! LOL! (pictured below)  But he's growing into such an amazing young man and it's a blessing capturing it for his parents. I can't wait to see him be the best big brother to a little sister. Something tells me he is perfect for the job. Enjoy some handsome and silly favorites from Brayden's session!

Christian - Cake Smash

Christian is the cutest little boy with the biggest baby blues and bright blonde hair! If you think he's cute in these pictures, you've got to meet him in person - he is SO fun and full of personality. Almost exactly a year ago I was lucky enough to capture Christian's newborn pictures and although he's bigger, smarter and fully mobile, I can still see him as a baby like it was yesterday. Christian didn't eat tons of his cake but he definitely destroyed it! What more could a photographer ask for? Enjoy some favorites from Christian's outdoor, hunting themed Cake Smash!  A big thanks to La Bella Bakery for the camouflage cake! 

Ally - Cake Smash

One of the best parts (to me) about being a photographer is that you can be having the worst day and a session like this will turn it all around. Ally is GORGEOUS and so fully of personality! I spent the first half of our session crawling after her and snagging leaves out of her mouth and the second half watching her climb around on every prop I handed to her and devour her smash cake. How cute is her circus-themed Cake Smash?! Such a good idea on mom & dad's part!!  It took me two days to edit this gallery - THAT'S how many pictures are in her gallery! Enjoy some favorites!

Zook Family

Sooo I wouldn't say it was the best conditions for this session. It was drizzling here and there, humid & super dark. When I scrolled back through the images afterwards I was so relieved -- the weather might not have been perfect but this family sure was. There was so many cute moments between the kids and their parents and lots of playtime action shots. I absolutely love these guys and hope they are as thrilled with these as I am :) Enjoy!

Brynlee - 6 Months Old

This little girl is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen!! She has the personality of a firecracker and the faces she gives... I. JUST. CANNOT. DEAL.  I had such a fun time with Brynlee and her parents and it shows by their giant gallery. Check out her grumpy face at the end - how is it possible to have such a stinkin' adorable grumpy face?! I cannot WAIT to work with these guys again in the future. Enjoy my (many) favorites ;)

Lacie + Alexis

It's been a couple years since I've seen these two beauties so when their mom contacted me about a photo shoot, I was ready to go all out.  The word "swing" was gently mentioned in her email and I thought - YES - we're doing it. (A big thanks to my helpers for this awesome, hand built swing.) Their dreamy photoshoot went amazing. Complete with a flower swing, a gorgeous tea set (this was a perfect touch, Justine!) & the most beautiful outfits I have ever seen. I'm a little mad at the sun for not popping out at ALL during this session, but I think we did more than fine without ;)  Enjoy a few of my favorites.