Welcoming Aubriella!

Shortly after finding out I was pregnant, Amber contacted me to let me know that she was, too! It has been so fun talking about toddler life, about finally having girls after boys + all the fun photo ideas we will have for her beautiful Aubriella!  Amber has an appreciation for photography + because of that we were able to tell Aubriella’s story before she was even here! From her birth announcement to bump + now to this absolutely gorgeous baby girl. Aubriella is sweet + docile - a little different from her active big brother!  Aubriella’s big brother isn’t a fan of our photo sessions but you wouldn’t even know, would you?!  We let him do everything in his own time + without even asking he gave us a few split seconds of lovin’ on his sis. I know for certain these two will be best friends. Enjoy this sweet girl’s gallery!

Aubriella was born beautifully special! To learn more about what makes her special (+ for such fun stuff to do for/with your kiddos!!) check out her mama's blog here: http://adventuresofasher.weebly.com/home/introducing-aubriella-lynn

Ellie - Newborn

She's her daddy's sweetheart, Mama's lookalike + brothers' new best friend. I have been waiting and waiting and waitingggg to meet Ellie and she was just as sweet as I thought she would be.  I've been photographing her family for years now and I have to admit, seeing her with her big brothers (who were just tots when I met them!) made my heart burst a little.  Her daddy is totally wrapped around her tiny finger and her mama finally has her little girl to spoil!  I have no doubt she will fit in + be well protected by that crazy awesome family of hers ;)  Enjoy some favys!

Adalynn - Maternity + Newborn

It’s been awhile since I blogged a newborn session but sweet baby Adalynn is too special not to share.  I have been photographing the Deimler Family for several years now and I was so thrilled when they found out they were finally having their baby girl! Baby A is her mama’s twin + already has daddy (+ big brothers) wrapped around her finger. I can’t wait to watch her grow.

Enjoy some favorites from the Deimler Family’s beautiful maternity session at Longwood Gardens + newborn session!

Addie - Cake Smash!


This very loved, special girl is turning one and I can’t even believe it.  Just like the poem goes, “I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep”.  Addie is practically the size of her parents now and has the spitfire, funny personality that she was destined to inherit.  I feel like just yesterday I was snuggling with her and getting all the feels when she sucked her thumb.  Addie’s mom had the BEST idea for a Cake Smash - a mermaid theme! I think it might just be one of my favorite girl set ups yet!  We jam packed lots of goodness into this session - parent AND grandparent shots, the cutest pictures of Addie in her little romper and dress, and squishing around in some cake!  Enjoy some favorites from this adorable session. Happy almost birthday, Adalyn!

Phoenix - One Year Old!

Phoenix is here to brighten up your dreary Wednesday! This red headed, blue eyed beauty was a ball of fun for her session. Her faces had me cracking up - check out the puckered up lips! Three things I learned about Phoenix during her session - 1. She thinks balloons are the best. 2. She adores her mommy and daddy. 3. She loves her mom's baking skills - she couldn't get enough of the cake she brought! I was also told dad is a big fan of black and whites so I made sure to add in as many as possible - although it was hard to lose that gorgeous hair color!!! I know I keep saying this but this was one of my largest galleries to date. With Phoenix's sweet moments with her parents, her adventerous personality and her awesome purple and green cake smash, there was just too much to photograph! Enjoy some favorite's from her session...

Raelynn - Newborn Session

Sweet Raelynn. I could not get enough of her. She has the biggest beautiful eyes and is her daddy's twin (Sorry Kara!).  I had been eagerly awaiting this pretty girl's arrival and I was so excited to do an "autumn" theme with her.  She was the easiest baby - aside from pooping and peeing all over her mom, haha!! Aside from that she was a doll and gave me the most beautiful session. I'm 99% sure one of these will end up in my studio, what do you think? Enjoy some favorites!!

Rohen - Newborn Session

Rohen is SUCH a stud.  From the big blue eyes to this chubby little belly to his beautiful tan skin.  I mean, whoa. This kid should be in magazines. Rohen's parents did a great job of providing ideas and themes for Little Man's session. Maybe a little too good of a job... their full gallery took me days to edit, it's so large! Rohen didn't mind though. As long as he was cuddling with mom and dad or laying on his favorite team gear, he was happy as could be.  Rohen's dad is a Northern Wrestling coach so I LOVE that he lifted his head for the shots with his dad's gear! And can you even handle his grumpy face (in picture with dad) or how he is casually posing by leaning on his hand (in picture with mom and dad)?!?  What a natural. Enjoy some of my favorites from Rohen's session!

Jessie - 2016 Senior

A few years ago I had the privilege of shooting Jessie's older brother's senior portraits and now it's her turn. I've been waiting patiently for Jessie to become a senior because I LOVE her style.  We did a few studio shots and then headed to a private residence for the rest of the session. Weather was a little iffy for Jessie's session but the sun would peak out from behind the clouds at the perfect times (likeeee how about these shots of her in the woods with her plaid shirt?!). I love when a girl's beautiful personality can shine through during her session and it sure did for Jessie's. Thanks for being so awesome, Jessie ... you are fierce!!! Enjoy some favs!

Christian - Cake Smash

Christian is the cutest little boy with the biggest baby blues and bright blonde hair! If you think he's cute in these pictures, you've got to meet him in person - he is SO fun and full of personality. Almost exactly a year ago I was lucky enough to capture Christian's newborn pictures and although he's bigger, smarter and fully mobile, I can still see him as a baby like it was yesterday. Christian didn't eat tons of his cake but he definitely destroyed it! What more could a photographer ask for? Enjoy some favorites from Christian's outdoor, hunting themed Cake Smash!  A big thanks to La Bella Bakery for the camouflage cake! 

Sophia - Newborn Session

I swear all of my customers look like supermodels lately. As you can see, Sophia and her family were no different. According to Sophia's mom she had been awake all day before her session so we were expecting her to be zonked out. Nope. She'd rather hang out with us ;) I cannot believe the big smiles we got out of this little girl!  Finally she did fall asleep and looked like a little angel in her cute clothes & on my bed prop. I keep telling myself I need to cool it with the teal & purple at newborn sessions but I couldn't help it. Sophia just looked so dreamy with these colors. I think my studio is screaming for one of these as a canvas, don't you think? Enjoy my favorites!

Charlie - Cake Smash

This is my third time working with Charlie and her family. I knew from experience that it wasn't going to take much effort to make this a great session. The first great thing that happened is we beat out a storm! The second great to happen was even though Charlie wasn't all about the camera at first, she was the cutest cuddling with mom and dad -- these are always my favorite kind of shots! Charlie's mom added some personal touches that I adored like the burlap sign with her name and a letter & jewelry box from Charlie's grandmother. Little lady's cake smash was a dream - I love everything about the cake, her tutu, the light pink accents, and her gorgeous eyes. She didn't face plant in the cake as every photographer dreams but she did stick her foot in! That's just as good :) Enjoy my favs.

Adalyn - One Month Old

Ohhhh Adalynnnnn. Her and I bonded. I'm sure I spent at least a half hour nuzzling and cuddling with her.  Even looking at these pictures I have hearts in my eyes because she is just the sweetest soul. I'm going to be honest, one-month-old sessions can be pretty difficult. They are too big to fit into newborn props (Sorry for trying to stuff you into that basket, Addie) and they're too little to hold their head up and sit up. But Adalyn and I were buds, so she did the right thing and slept for most of her session.  And can we talk about these family shots?! Baby girl, you are so loved by everyone. Here are a few favorites!

Ally - Cake Smash

One of the best parts (to me) about being a photographer is that you can be having the worst day and a session like this will turn it all around. Ally is GORGEOUS and so fully of personality! I spent the first half of our session crawling after her and snagging leaves out of her mouth and the second half watching her climb around on every prop I handed to her and devour her smash cake. How cute is her circus-themed Cake Smash?! Such a good idea on mom & dad's part!!  It took me two days to edit this gallery - THAT'S how many pictures are in her gallery! Enjoy some favorites!

Kolbie - Newborn Session

I absolutely adore the Klines so I was more than eager to meet their beautiful new baby girl. Kolbie did not disappoint. She was the most gentle soul and had the prettiest details (THOSE EYES!!)  We talked & cuddled her whole session so we're basically best friends at this point ;) Kolbie might not be digging the tutu now, but with her mommy being the awesome owner of Reverence dance studio (check her out here!), I think she will warm up to it eventually. Seth & Kirsten, thank you for sharing your precious gift with me! She is so blessed to have you both as parents.

Nowwww some favorites!...