Guarracino Leonard Wedding - Pleasant View Farm Bed + Breakfast Inn

Jessy and her family lived across the street from my grandmother for years and we graduated together. How surreal it was to see her as a bride!

Anthony + Jessy’s wedding was exactly like them - bright, colorful + creative. I was constantly surprised about the things they did on their own - her hairpiece?! The flowers?! ALL THE DECOR! Pleasant View Farm Bed + Breakfast was the perfect place for them because they provided gorgeous grounds that was a blank canvas for the couple. Their food was also exquisite - both to taste and to look at!

There were a lot of moments that took our breath away but a favorite of mine is surely the tear filled vows they said to one another. I know it took 9 years to get them to their wedding day, but I have no doubt that is just a speck of time in the eternal journey they just started on together.

If you enjoy bold colors, ska, Queen, and/or Farm to Table, this wedding is just for you!

AJ + Jill - Married!

I’m so glad that I started the season with this phenomenal wedding. AJ + Jill are an amazing pair. They’re both kind, adventurous + you can tell they don’t take much seriously - I mean only the coolest of couples high fives after they are pronounced married! Their Big Day happened at Overlook Golf Course in Lancaster which was blooming with beautiful Spring flowers everywhere. AJ + Jill were all about traveling around the property to get the best shots which, if you ask me, was definitely worth it. Their reception hall was beautifully decorated + my favorite little touch was how each table was named after places the pair have traveled together.

Their wedding was full of warm sunshine (rare for Spring Weddings, especially this year!), the cutest little Bridal Party, touching speeches from AJ's big brother, Jill's best friend + mom, + a big party at the end of the night with friends + family. And who can forget Jill + her dad stopping halfway through their dance to bust a move?!  Lastly we also captured a successful Sparkler Exit! (Successful = great pictures + I didn’t get caught on fire).  I’m excited to share Mr. + Mrs. Enck’s wedding with you!  Enjoy some of my favorites!

Welcoming Bristol Mavis!

Exactly a month ago on April 17th we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Bristol.  She came flying into this world within an hour and has been keeping us on our toes ever since.

Bristol is already the perfect fit for our family with her sassy-but-sweet attitude. She loves her big brothers (yes, even when they’re screaming), being held, eating (constantly) + when we make crazy sounds. She can sleep up to 6 hour stretches at night.  I adore her big blue eyes + how excited she gets when I talk to her. The jury is out which parent she looks like right now … if you ask me, she looks exactly like daddy but I have baby pictures to prove otherwise ;) You can blame her for the fact it took me this long to post her newborn portraits!

Please welcome Bristol to the Jessica Snider Photography family!  

I grew up with a bit of an obsession with unicorns + horses - here's hoping Bristol loves them, too! Haha!

Fun fact: We let the boys pick Bristol's middle name.  If you have ever watched the movie Hotel Transylvania, you may have heard the name Mavis before ;)

Another fun fact: Bristol had ONE SINGLE TEENIE TINY eyelash during her Newborn Session (pictured here). Literally the day after her session these big beautiful lashes popped out!

In honor of her grandfather who is no longer with us <3 We have a shot like this with all of his grandchildren when they were babies.

Adalynn - Cake Smash

Mothers of baby girls beware! This post is most likely going to convince you to go buy everything unicorn! When Adalynn’s mom said she wanted a Unicorn Cake Smash, I died a little of happiness. Her session couldn’t have turned out more perfect. Isn't she her mama's gorgeous twin?!

Sweet Adalynn - I can’t believe I am writing about your One Year Pictures! I remember when your mama told me she was pregnant with you + your family prayed for you. Now, look! You are the most precious, sweet thing + it’s no surprise that your mama is your best friend. It’s been a blessing watching you grow this past year.

Enjoy SO many favorites!

Shawn + Shelbey - Married!

It was divine intervention that Shawn + Shelbey found + chose me to be their wedding photographer. Firstly, they are so beautifully unique to photograph but I also LOVE being around them! I could laugh with them all day!

There were so many opportunities for me to be creative with their portraits at their winter Harmony Hall Wedding. The flower girl dresses were the most gorgeous I had ever seen (oh, + of course so were the girls themselves!) + what’s crazy about that is Shelbey made them! I had to have a little extra fun with the flower girls because of that. The reception + ceremony was meticulously decorated with a gorgeous evergreen backdrop with dangling lights - SO UNIQUE but that’s exactly what I would expect from them!  Also, the day before their wedding we had a snowfall so we still had some snow to photograph in + a beautiful winter glow in their portraits. The best part of Shawn + Shelbey’s day was the tears shed at their ceremony + the easy connection these two have with each other. There wasn’t a moment in the day where they weren’t smiling + holding each other close.

This was the last wedding of my 2017 season. Somehow, each wedding has become a favorite of mine.  This one is no different.  My heart bursts seeing the happiness + flawless love between Shawn + Shelbey. I hope this gallery I’m delivering to them will always remind them of that!

Enjoy some favorites of my final 2017 wedding!

Jonathan + Shawnika - Married!

My last wedding of the 2017 Fall Season! Whoaaa, what an amazing one!  Jonathan + Shawnika’s wedding was at the beautiful Harmony Hall on one of the most gorgeous days of the year. Their wedding was filled with so much love from their friends + family + ended with a party that was out of this world. When I had met with Shawnika at her wedding consultation she had stressed how important family was to her + how that is what she wanted to focus on in her wedding gallery. Well, Shawnika - we definitely accomplished that! I kind of feel like after editing this wedding that the whole dang Santana family needs to enroll in modeling because HOLY GORGEOUS!

Most importantly, Jonathan + Shawnika’s wedding was filled with so much joy. They didn’t wipe the giant grins of their face the whole night + I’ve never seen friends + family SO happy for a couple. The new Mr. + Mrs. Santana got ready in Harmony Hall’s beautiful farmhouse which was extra special as Jonathan + Shawnika’s children helped them get dressed. And then there wasn’t a dry eye as Shawnika’s dad walked her to Jonathan at the top of the small waterfall on the property. Picture time was, of course, soooo easy with this good looking crew! And MAN - let me tell you about this reception… Their reception gallery is bigger than some wedding galleries combined! I’ve never seen people have so much fun in my life!

So to wrap up the final wedding I will posting this year, I just have to say what a privilege it was working with these beautiful individuals and the family they have created. They have a beautiful life together ahead of them + I am so happy I could tell a little part of their story. Enjoy some of my favorites!