Alexa - 2018 Senior

Alexa. What a beautiful soul this one is. The Senior Gods blessed me with this pretty lady and we were able to make magic! Golden light, field romping, almost falling into a lake, rolling in grass, splashing on fishing docks - you name it, we did it. This session is the perfect representation of my senior style. Alexa, you are a doll and I cannot wait to see where that beautiful personality of yours gets you in life! (Andddd I'll be calling about babysitting my boys soon! ;) )

Nicole - Senior

If I were to describe my photographic style to someone I would say … Happy! Real. Bright and colorful. Belly laughs and creative. This girl, well, she embodies all of those things. I had TOO much fun with her, if that’s even possible!

Nicole’s session was a beautiful summer day splashed with gorgeous golden light.  I showed her the back of my camera at one point and she said, “Yes! This light! More of this light!” So that’s what we did :) And she looked glorious in it! I didn’t have to convince Nicole into showing her personality and giving me big laughs. She was undeniably and beautifully herself the moment I met her and it made her session the closest thing to perfect.  Enjoy some favorites of her session - I have so many more still in her gallery!


Navy - Senior

Senior Season has been treating me well this year. Navy - although you wouldn’t know it - is NOT a model, but she definitely should be!  This pretty’s lady’s good looks aren’t just on the outside. I had too much fun laughing, joking and hanging out with her during our session.  When picking sneak peeks for her, it was like choosing my favorite children. I just loved them all!

We started off her session at Italian Lake in Harrisburg and then moved to the Capitol Building. I am so glad we did this because she rocked both of these looks! For the first time this summer I captured real golden light at sunset - that beautiful orange glow right before the sun goes down over the mountains. Enjoy manyyyy favorites from Navy’s session.

Makenna - 2016 Senior

Okay, so I went a little crazy with this blogpost. This girl had the cutest style and we were able to achieve several different looks. Three things made this session awesome : water, golden hour, belly laughs.  Makenna has the best natural smile so I was constantly telling her to make herself laugh :D (awkwarddddd, but she made it happen!)  The lighting was pretty inconsistent during her session but then the sun went down and we had the prettiesttt glowing light to end on a good note. Thanks for being so much fun, Makenna! Enjoy some favorites. 

Madison - 2016 Senior Model

Madison is a gorgeous 2016 Senior from Spring Grove Area High School. The girl. NEEDS. to model. Madison received a free Best Friend Mini Session for representing Jessica Snider Photography and it was more fun than it was work.  Madison & her best friend Autumn had me laughing their whole session and we ended up with a giant gallery from our short time together. I cannot wait to do Madison's full senior session -- I already know it's going to be epic. :)  Enjoy some favorites of mine!