Alexa - 2018 Senior

Alexa. What a beautiful soul this one is. The Senior Gods blessed me with this pretty lady and we were able to make magic! Golden light, field romping, almost falling into a lake, rolling in grass, splashing on fishing docks - you name it, we did it. This session is the perfect representation of my senior style. Alexa, you are a doll and I cannot wait to see where that beautiful personality of yours gets you in life! (Andddd I'll be calling about babysitting my boys soon! ;) )

Nicole - Senior

If I were to describe my photographic style to someone I would say … Happy! Real. Bright and colorful. Belly laughs and creative. This girl, well, she embodies all of those things. I had TOO much fun with her, if that’s even possible!

Nicole’s session was a beautiful summer day splashed with gorgeous golden light.  I showed her the back of my camera at one point and she said, “Yes! This light! More of this light!” So that’s what we did :) And she looked glorious in it! I didn’t have to convince Nicole into showing her personality and giving me big laughs. She was undeniably and beautifully herself the moment I met her and it made her session the closest thing to perfect.  Enjoy some favorites of her session - I have so many more still in her gallery!


Madison - 2016 Senior

This was my second time working with Madison. She came to her session with her own ideas and style and I loved every second of it. For someone who aspires to be a model, Madison is well on her way. She even stepped out in the middle of summer in fur, walked barefoot in a rocky creek and painted her feet - all for the sake of an awesome session. I also pulled my grandparent's chair out of storage for her session (and before anyone asks, NO it is no longer available!!  Cool chair but also 23984092384 lbs!!) Enjoy my favorites!

Chelsea - 2016 Senior Model

I had SO much fun with Chelsea! What was supposed to be a half of her senior session turned into a full fledged adventure through the town of Mechanicsburg. She absolutely ROCKED it. I love a girl who can pull off both a serious face & a gorgeous smile--- and it sure helps that she is the sweetest person!  I cannot wait to do the second half of her session. Enjoy a few favorites.

Gordon - 2016 Senior

The last thing any senior guy wants to do is hang out and cheese for me.  Thankfully, Gordon is a great guy and not only dealt with my crazy posing but even smiled at my horrible jokes.  Gordon's mom has been my hairdresser for literally my whole life so it was so cool to work with the "little boy" I would see in snapshots hanging on her mirror every time I got hair cut growing up. He's far from that little boy now - just from spending two hours with him I know that Gordon is highly intelligent, passionate & mature for his age. I can't wait to see what he does with his life! Enjoy some favs.

Madison - 2016 Senior Model

Madison is a gorgeous 2016 Senior from Spring Grove Area High School. The girl. NEEDS. to model. Madison received a free Best Friend Mini Session for representing Jessica Snider Photography and it was more fun than it was work.  Madison & her best friend Autumn had me laughing their whole session and we ended up with a giant gallery from our short time together. I cannot wait to do Madison's full senior session -- I already know it's going to be epic. :)  Enjoy some favorites of mine!