Zach + Abbey - One Year Anniversary

About a year ago I had the privilege of capturing the moment Zach and Abbey became husband and wife.  Zach has always kept me in the loop for big surprises for Abbey. I was hidden in a self-made leaf fort in the pouring down rain when he proposed. I was prepared to snap the shots when he surprised her with another ring on their wedding day. And on this day, I was a one year anniversary gift :)  (That makes me feel so special when I put it that way, haha!)  I love that we met up at their gorgeous past wedding venue!  Between Abbey's gorgeous natural laugh and their chemistry together, pictures with these two is a breeze. It's more like hanging out with friends than doing work - which is why you may see a few silly pictures in the bunch. All in all, it seems these lovebirds have only gotten better in their year as a married couple so I'm eager to see what surprises they may have for me next. One year down, a hundred more to go, guys! Enjoy!