Brant Greene Wedding - Historic Acres of Hershey Wedding

I’m sorry. This is going to be a huge blog post.

Tommy + Taylor …. sighhhh…. I’M. OBSESSED. WITH. THEM. This gallery is so large because everything they do together is beautiful, fun + amazing to watch. Their wedding had a team of amazing vendors at the iconic Historic Acres of Hershey + now I’m stuck with way too many favorites to share.

This wedding had THREE teary First Looks - Taylor + her dad, Taylor’s bridesmaids + brothers seeing her first the first time, + Tommy + his Mom. I can’t pick a favorite between them - can you??! As always, Historic Acres offered a dreamy bridal suite for the perfect portraits. I will never get over Taylor’s bouquet done by Amanda from Everyone Deserves Flowers (my first time working with her and if you don’t hire her, you’ll regret it!)! And Taylor’s mom made the bridesmaid bouquets and most of the decor!?!? Despite it being a rainy day, it was an incredibly happy one. Tommy + Taylor made their own sunshine wherever they went. Their ceremony, led by Tommy’s grandfather, was probably MY FAVORITE of all time. Not only because of his grandfather’s beautiful words, but also because Tommy + Taylor are downright hilarious even when they’re in the midst of getting married.

Historic Acres of Hershey has tons of overhangs for rainy day weddings + we took full advantage. With an energetic + gorgeous bridal party, we were able to make magic! Then came the real party…. a teary father daughter dance, Tommy dancing this his Mom + bringing his Grandmother in on the love, a DJ that knew how to party, flawless wedding decor, a heart felt speech and then… an entertaining one - haha!, so many moments that I was so happy to capture for Tommy + Taylor. This couple is so celebrated + it’s clear to see why. I really couldn’t pick a more perfect couple!

Enough of my mumbling - start scrolling through this (huge +) incredible wedding!!!

Venue // Historic Acres of Hershey

DJ // DJ Waitaminute

Florist/Coordinator // everyone deserves flowers.

Caterer // Strictly Catering

Make up // Samantha Rose Carangelo

Hair // Jasmine Forney

Second Shooter // Autumn Smith

Guarracino Leonard Wedding - Pleasant View Farm Bed + Breakfast Inn

Jessy and her family lived across the street from my grandmother for years and we graduated together. How surreal it was to see her as a bride!

Anthony + Jessy’s wedding was exactly like them - bright, colorful + creative. I was constantly surprised about the things they did on their own - her hairpiece?! The flowers?! ALL THE DECOR! Pleasant View Farm Bed + Breakfast was the perfect place for them because they provided gorgeous grounds that was a blank canvas for the couple. Their food was also exquisite - both to taste and to look at!

There were a lot of moments that took our breath away but a favorite of mine is surely the tear filled vows they said to one another. I know it took 9 years to get them to their wedding day, but I have no doubt that is just a speck of time in the eternal journey they just started on together.

If you enjoy bold colors, ska, Queen, and/or Farm to Table, this wedding is just for you!

Andy + Cassandra - Married!

It was calling for thunderstorms on what ended up being one of the most beautiful Spring days this year. Andy + Cassi had their nuptials take place at the Fallen Tree Farm Bed + Breakfast which is filled with so much character! They got ready in the quaint, stone building with their closest friends + family.  Everyone was radiant! Especially the bride + their daughter Sydney who was glowing as her beautiful mama put on her wedding dress with the help of her best friends + Mother of the Bride. Andy + Cassi’s ceremony took place in a unique stone ruin where they said heart felt vows to each other (How they didn’t bawl, I have no idea - because even I was about to!)

After that it was off to do our fun portraits! (If you ask me, maybe not the guys, haha!) This wedding party was a blast! They barely even complained about frolicking through ivy ;) The guys had some hilarious shots (which wouldn’t be complete without a crazy sock picture) while the girls glowed in their dark dresses + vibrant bouquets. Shout out to Veronica of Veronique’s Creative Artistry - as usual hitting it out of the park with the most crazy, incredible make up for these girls that even lasted through extreme temps! We stole away for Andy + Cassi to have some portraits by themselves.  Literally. Seriously. Honestly. Most gorgeous couple - EVER! They prefer more candid shots so after a few poses, I just let them spend some time together. Rumor has it, this day was the most Andy has ever been seen smiling - ever. Even his Dad commented on how big he was smiling all day!

Now for the reception - talk about a party when Andy + Cassi entered the building! Now, I don’t know much about sports, but from what I gather there are some serious Steelers fans in the Casale family as they were welcomed with a parade of Terrible Towels swinging in the air.  That was followed up by the sweetest dances + speeches/toasts from MOHs + the BM. I also snapped some shots of Andy + Cassi’s ring with a butterfly that sat in her bouquet.  That butterfly was in memory of Cassi’s grandmother who was watching from Heaven, so I thought it would be sweet way to emphasize it. The rest of the night is history! They danced all night to the view of the sun setting over a gorgeous horse pasture.  Andy + Cassi - I am so honored you chose me for your special day.  You both exude so much compassion + charisma (duhhh, teachers - lol!) + I can tell your marriage is meant for great + wonderful things…. like a puppy with the best name, ever!  Enjoy many many manyyyy favorites I have from this incredible day!

AJ + Jill - Married!

I’m so glad that I started the season with this phenomenal wedding. AJ + Jill are an amazing pair. They’re both kind, adventurous + you can tell they don’t take much seriously - I mean only the coolest of couples high fives after they are pronounced married! Their Big Day happened at Overlook Golf Course in Lancaster which was blooming with beautiful Spring flowers everywhere. AJ + Jill were all about traveling around the property to get the best shots which, if you ask me, was definitely worth it. Their reception hall was beautifully decorated + my favorite little touch was how each table was named after places the pair have traveled together.

Their wedding was full of warm sunshine (rare for Spring Weddings, especially this year!), the cutest little Bridal Party, touching speeches from AJ's big brother, Jill's best friend + mom, + a big party at the end of the night with friends + family. And who can forget Jill + her dad stopping halfway through their dance to bust a move?!  Lastly we also captured a successful Sparkler Exit! (Successful = great pictures + I didn’t get caught on fire).  I’m excited to share Mr. + Mrs. Enck’s wedding with you!  Enjoy some of my favorites!

Jonathan + Shawnika - Married!

My last wedding of the 2017 Fall Season! Whoaaa, what an amazing one!  Jonathan + Shawnika’s wedding was at the beautiful Harmony Hall on one of the most gorgeous days of the year. Their wedding was filled with so much love from their friends + family + ended with a party that was out of this world. When I had met with Shawnika at her wedding consultation she had stressed how important family was to her + how that is what she wanted to focus on in her wedding gallery. Well, Shawnika - we definitely accomplished that! I kind of feel like after editing this wedding that the whole dang Santana family needs to enroll in modeling because HOLY GORGEOUS!

Most importantly, Jonathan + Shawnika’s wedding was filled with so much joy. They didn’t wipe the giant grins of their face the whole night + I’ve never seen friends + family SO happy for a couple. The new Mr. + Mrs. Santana got ready in Harmony Hall’s beautiful farmhouse which was extra special as Jonathan + Shawnika’s children helped them get dressed. And then there wasn’t a dry eye as Shawnika’s dad walked her to Jonathan at the top of the small waterfall on the property. Picture time was, of course, soooo easy with this good looking crew! And MAN - let me tell you about this reception… Their reception gallery is bigger than some wedding galleries combined! I’ve never seen people have so much fun in my life!

So to wrap up the final wedding I will posting this year, I just have to say what a privilege it was working with these beautiful individuals and the family they have created. They have a beautiful life together ahead of them + I am so happy I could tell a little part of their story. Enjoy some of my favorites!


Andrew + Emily - Married!

I have had such a good time with Andrew + Emily ever since I met them at their beautiful Hershey engagement session. I love their style. They’re classy, hilarious + just downright good looking! Most of all, they are the most beautiful people inside + out + as I often say in these blog posts - that shows in their portraits!

They had a gorgeous fall day starting with getting ready portraits. I diedddd over their wedding look. Elegant, classic.  They both shared sweet gifts from each other + gifts to their parents, as well as many portraits with their wedding party. Their ceremony was at a beautiful old church that had such unique character, perfectly fitting the style of their wedding. They even arranged a visit from their fur baby for a few shots at the church! Lastly we ended at The Links of Gettysburg where we snapped some of my favorite wedding day portraits, ever! (Their gallery is definitely a contender to end up on my studio wall!)  Their reception was so full of energy + some of the best toasts of this wedding season.

As I’m starting to finish up my 2017 wedding galleries, I can’t help but feel so blessed that I was chosen to work with couples like Andrew + Emily.  I was able to capture such a beautiful gallery because Andrew + Emily’s relationship IS the epitome of beautiful - even if Emily is a golf widow some of the time ;)  I have no question that they are going to have a strong marriage + I can’t wait to stalk their lives along the way! :)  Enjoy favorites from one of my all time favorite weddings. Congrats, Andrew + Emily!!!