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Hey, friend!

Nothing humbles you more than having to write an About Me Section about yourself! I’d love to say that I do hot yoga in different foreign countries while writing novels and sipping cold brew but alas, I am much less exciting and I stinkin’ hate coffee. When I asked those close to me what I should say about myself they all said similar things. I love my family, making people laugh, lots of color, telling stories, and all things art. So that about sums in up!

My passion truly lies in people. Yes, I have a degree in photography, was taught by some of the most amazing photographers and have been in this industry for what feels like a lifetime, but what makes me any good at my job is I’m intrigued and deeply care about those that I work with. Their different lives, what makes them happy, what makes them sad, their relationships, what makes them who they are…. then I love to turn that into art. Because whether you see it for yourself or not, you and your loved ones ARE just that.

Oh, and lesser important, I am a hot mess mom that admits this daily on social media (what’s the use in pretending we have it all together?!), I pretty much work just to afford trips to Disney, I have forced a healthy Backstreet Boy obsession onto my children, and I have a dream of having a Great Dane puppy some day - hint hint hubby.

Okay, enough about me… LET’S GET TO KNOW YOU!